Ahmed Rivera-Campos, Ph.D. – Research

Line of Research

The overall objective of Dr. Rivera Campos’ research interest is the use of biofeedback technologies for speech sound production.  From this broad view, three distinct branches of research are borne.

  1. Clinical and translational research in the remediation of residual speech sound errors in children, speech errors due to hearing loss and errors due to foreign language learning.  Studies that are currently being done in this area include:
    • Studying the efficacy of ultrasound imaging biofeedback for remediation of English /r/ errors
    • Studying the effectiveness of ultrasound imaging for teaching production of trilled /r/ to individuals learning Spanish as a foreign language.
    • Studying the effectiveness of electropalatography biofeedback for the remediation of English /r/ errors.
  2. Research aimed at better understanding the articulatory requirements of sounds that are commonly considered challenging to master production (for example, the Spanish trill /r/)
  3. Training of clinicians and other professionals in the use of biofeedback technologies for remediation of speech errors and for foreign language instruction in sound production. A study currently being done in this area include:
    • Studying training efficacy in ultrasound imaging for remediation of speech sound errors in clinicians.

Recruitment Information

If you are interested in participating in any of our research studies.  Please contact Sheila Speak at: s.m.speak@tcu.edu

Student Research and Clinical Experiences at B.E.S.T. Lab

Graduate and undergraduate students from our program have the opportunity to volunteer hours in B.E.S.T. Lab to obtain clinical hours and research experience.  For NSSLHA members, the volunteer hours may count for up to 4 points. Students also have the opportunity to conduct research in B.E.S.T. Lab as part of their thesis, Honors project or undergraduate research project.

Current Graduate Research Assistant:  Jyl Ristau

Current Undergraduates working in B.E.S.T. Lab:  Matilde Patino Arreguin, Victoria Patino Arreguin, and Hannah Feehan

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