Welcome to Bilingual Education and Research Lab (BEaR lab). Our laboratory primarily investigates the development of best practices to promote language and literacy skills in children who speak Spanish, or are bilingual, with or without language disorders. Our mission is to develop strategies that support the community in the delivery of bilingual services and to disseminate the benefits of bilingual education approaches to the professional and general community.

Our research specifically focuses in the development of technological tools (e.g., multimedia) to improve vocabulary service-delivery of monolingual (English) Speech Language Pathologists and instructors for facilitation of vocabulary acquisition of bilingual children. BEaR Lab conducts research with the linguistically and culturally diverse professional/patient community in our field with the aim of promoting better understanding that supports recruitment and retention of culturally and linguistically diverse professionals in the United States.

BEaR Lab also collaborates with schools in the Fort Worth ISD system as part of our goal to reach the community and meet the communication needs of children. Our main lab is housed in the Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic on the campus of Texas Christian University.